Vendakka Theeyal (300 gm)
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Vendakka Theeyal (300 gm)

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What’s in the bag:

Diced vendakka

Green chillies

Curry Leaves


Grated Coconut

Small Onions

How to Cook:

Soak some tamarind in a few tablespoons of boiled water and allow it to soften. To a pan, add coconut and small onions. Stir on medium flame till the coconut turns golden brown. Keep aside the roasted coconut. To the same pan, add coriander seeds, dry chilli and fenugreek seeds, and dry roast them till an aroma comes. Grind this with the roasted coconut with some water to make a nice fine paste. Heat some oil in a pan and add some turmeric. Allow it to sizzle. Add the vendakka pieces and stir fry for nearly a minute till it turns a nice bright green. Take an earthen pot and add the sauteed vendakka, chilli, tomatoes, curry leaves and coconut paste. Squeeze the tamarind pulp and get a thick black solution. Throw away the pulp and pour in half of the solution. Add enough water to cover the ingredients in the pot and bring to a simmer. Add enough salt to taste and cook uncovered till the gravy thickens. Turn off the flame. Heat some oil in another pan and add mustard seeds. Allow it to pop completely. Add a few fenugreek seeds and allow them to turn golden. After that add a few dried chillies and small onions and stir till the onions turn a light golden brown. Pour this mix over the prepared curry. Keep the pot covered and let it sit for at least ten minutes. 

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